Emlpoyee Vs. Employer Relations...

The female kambing (hahaha I'm the male one of course) forwarded an email this afternoon on employee relations. I have my own version though especially dedicated to Employer Relations. Especially in this hypocrisy era surrounding Intense Continuous Torture, employers need such treatment from the employees.

Following are some good and applicable example taken and twisted from Shahrina's email:

Situation 1:

When Jebon Jr says "Syah, can you help me with the VO?"
Syah should reply "Fuck shit, do it yourself. I'm no longer a charity machine donating my melodious voice for free. Moreover, I'm on salary"

Situation 2:

When Malaun says, "Sham, it's a job well done!"
Sham should reply, "You talking to me bitch? Or are you talking to one of your cronies? Go to hell with your microwave oven"

If you guys see here, it is a trend now, in this highly double-faced environemnt, to actually double the length of reply that you give to your employer. This will definitely guarantee you a 6 months bonus. However, please remember, when a dear friend is the one talking to you, be very short but sweet. For example: If Jess asks Syah to do VO for her mag, Syah should reply, "You're a hottie, anything for you babe!"

So, good luck guys.
Remember, double the length of your reply - it will guarantee you at least a six month bonus! Have fun with thy words!

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