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Went to see the physician at Ampang Hospital on my routine check (read: long waiting time for my turn to see the doctor, hours of waiting, really) just last week a day before Chinese New Year I had to wait from 8am at the eye clinic at the same hospital before being called at 1pm - ridiculous time wasting but what can I say - its a RM5 treatment at a government hospital.

At the eye clinic two days ago the doctor finally decided to do laser treatment on my left eye. The burst capillaries have gotten worse indicating that my kidney is badly affected - thanks to my failing pancreas. So I'd have to come back on the 19th for another laser treatment (it's an ongoing thing for God knows how long).

Today I had to wait from 8am to until they finally called me at 11:45am. Luckily the doctor who saw me today (Dr Malek) was a practical one - unlike the doctor who saw me on my last visit who couldn't care less of my complaints, who told me the reason for my difficulty walking up stairs was because I was fat. Today Dr Malek took me very seriously. He even checked my very swollen legs and put me back on lasix.

My bloated left foot- reminds me of the bloated Tsunami casualties in 2004

I was advised to go for an angiography to find out whether there is a blockage in my heart vessels (in which Dr Malek said, there is a high possibility looking at my symptoms and current conditions) - and that I gotta have RM30k if a bypass is needed. I told him I don't have that much (although I may have if I gather properly but I rather spend this money to perform Haj and perhaps go for a last vacation with KN than having the surgeons tear my body apart like they did on Mummy). So I told him I just want to be medically treated and hope for the best.

I never told this to anyone except for KN. I don't want my family to pester me to go through that hell and talk me into being butchered alive. Especially won't tell this to papa for the same reason I hadn't told him about me having a cerebellar stroke attack in October last year.

Well, I'd just hope for the best and since I know I don't have much time to enjoy life and God knows when I'm leaving for good, I better hurry up for Umrah, InsyaAllah for my birthday this November, hopefully (so that I can pray for Mummy as well on her birthday a day before mine).

I'd have to see the nephrologist this coming 21st and the dietitian (yucks) on the 28th of this month. My next appointment with the medical doctor would be in 4 months time (thank God) heheheh. So I headed home after collecting my free medications from the pharmacy. Thank you God for this opportunity for a free medical treatment. Thank you Malaysia (chewah patriotik la plak...)

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