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6 People DIE from Diabetes Every Minute

Diabetics are up to 2.5 times more likely to go blind compared against the general population. The risk of amputation is even more pronounced, the risk is estimated to be up to 20 times higher than average. Diabetics are 2-3 times more likely to develop cardiovascular problems, and the risk of kidney failure is 17 times higher.

How devastating to be reminded of something you're already aware off. Bad news...!

Truly Saviour of Diabetics

Insupro Forte is made with plant derived insulin antibody. The insulin used is extracted from 100% natural bitter gourd by advanced bio-technological methods. Each Insupro Forte contains at least 200 □ IU of botanical insulin. Insupro Forte is a molecular plant protein, and is more readily absorbed into our system when compared to animal insulin. Insupro Forte not only helps to bring down the blood sugar level, it also helps repair physically altered □ cells. Insupro Forte not only protects the □ cells, in fact it promotes the production of more □ cells. This increase in healthy □ cells restores the function of pancreas. This property of Insupro Forte differs greatly from the insulin replacement property of conventional medication. On top of that, clinical trials have proven that an overdose on Insupro Forte does not induce hypoglycemia or other side effects.

Choose Insupro Forte, the trusted and effective product
  1. Insupro Forte is a high tech product that can improve the blood sugar level in 7-10 days of consumption.

  2. Medically proven in more than 600 case studies in 20 hospitals to be effective in lowering the blood sugar level.

  3. It had been proven by a research done by University Malaya to have similar effects to medicines used in diabetes treatment.

  4. It can replace medicine in the treatment of diabetes (a clinical trial had verified that it has the same properties as Metformin, and is effective up to 86.68%)

  5. Plant derived insulin - each capsule contains 200 □ IU insulin

  6. Naturally derived - safe and without side-effects

Clinically proven, acknowledged by medical professionals
Insupro Forte regulates blood sugar level through the following mechanisms:
  1. The orally taken capsule is directly absorbed by the mucous membrane, and helps replenish the external source of insulin.
  2. Activate ß cells, resulting in the production of more insulin.
  3. Promote the receptiveness of the cells to insulin, and reverse the resistance to insulin. It promotes the synthesis of glycogen, thus lowering blood sugar levels.
  4. Increase the number of receptors on the red blood cells; improve the delivery of insulin, resulting in the more effective lowering of blood sugar levels.
This thing costs RM105 per bottle of 60 capsules - about RM30 more expensive than my insulin (per vile). Well, this calls for a try, who knows it could really help. I have been told that bitter gourd is a good 'remedy?' for diabetes. Taking capsules is sooo much better than having to eat the vege raw or as I was previously made to drink the juice (didn't taste that bad but preparing the juice was much of a hassle). Ok, I'll write my review after I've tried Insupro Forte.

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