HI Again...

The glucometer says HI again this morning but I am not feeling as tired as yesterday. We had sahur earlier so that our sleep won't get interrupted. Fortunate for me I am not feeling drowsy, so far, hehehe today.

My concern is my blood sugar reading - fulamak last night I thought after doubling my dosage of insulin I would be ok today. And the Hempedu Bumi pills prove not to be working as expected. Swallowed two after breaking fast apart from the double insulin dose and the 500mg metformin tablets i took. Before going to sleep my reading was 29.4 still very high but at least the glucometer could display a number and that I know how high is high. But this morning was disappointing and it went displaying HI again.

I hope things will go right tonight and the days to come. I can't keep worrying about my sugar reading as there are so many things still to be done at work, at home, in life and there isn't time for me to fall sick and weak.

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