Here I Am...Still Alive and Kicking!

Well, here I am. Still alive and thank God, still kicking. Have been very busy since my last post. With the new tasks pouring in like mad, the challenges of my uncertain health but I am glad that since the promotion I could handle my health better well, I guess I am so used to working hard and put under extreme stress that if I don't have much to do, I'd die faster.

Talk about working hard. It has been a year since my last well paying part time job - I did about RM50k worth of part time the last year and have enjoyed the money till the last cent. I have gone travelling to Bangkok and Phuket in early 2006 and to Bali in early 2007. The most recent spending was on my house - did some renovation works; installed laminated flooring for RM5k+, bought a new queen sized bed and mattress about RM2k, installed a shutter for the hall for RM2.5k, contributed RM1k to apply for a maid for my father and only yesterday bought a 32" Sony LCD TV and a new HDMI JVC DVD player - all in all about RM3.5k worth. Well, i won't live long, so I'd rather spend my money now and enjoy than having to pay hospital bills later on. Heheheh...

I am looking for more part time jobs now to be spent next year, I have saved a puny but still, better little than nothing at all. Right now I am starting to feel (like the previous years) that I need a break, I need to go travel far. Hmmm... just where the hell am I going to get the money this time? January is coming and that's when I usually take a long break to travel before embarking on the new year. Have some opportunities to do some part time but I don't I'll be paid soon enough to travel in January....

Ok lah. more updates soon to whomever is reading this blog; whether now or later after I'm gone. I love you guys no matter who you are. Really.

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