KL Convention Centre Food Court

Popia Goreng

Kalau anda ke KL Concention Centre di KLCC, same level as Aquaria, ada sebuah food court dalam 4 - 5 gerai di situ. We were there recently on two seperate occasions - one I had an exhibition and KN picked me up from there - we decided to have dinner at the food court. The other was during a visit to Aquaria with Kangah.

Nasi Ayam Sechuan

I especially love the second last gerai on the right - there are a variety of menu to choose from ranging from local to Western food. I have tried their Chicken Pie once and thought that it was worth it.

Chicken Chop with Mashed Potato

Chicken Chop with Fries

Photos in this entry do not refer to any one particular gerai but a few taken from two of my visits there.

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CATZ said...

tgk popia tuhhhh....uhhhh...lapar terusss....cicah sos..perghh....nyumm-nyumm..
lama dulu pernah mkn sini..
tapi dah lupa mkn apa..hehhehe

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