What Valentine's Means to Me

I just love Valentine's. Not that LOVE can't be expressed on any other days throughout the year Valentine's is the time to prove your vow for love and especially to celebrate LOVE. It is the effort put to celebrate Valentine's that makes it sweet and meaningful. On other days you can love your other half all you want but on Valentine's you love the person even more!

Valentine's to me is a day to thank the love of my life for the sacrifices done and the love that was given the past year. Valentine's the time to look back and laugh at the mistakes and smile at the sweet moments we've gone through together. Valentine's the time to plan ahead for the future of our love life and Valentine's definitely is the time to celebrate our love for each other and hope for it to continue till the end of our lives.

Don't be afraid to celebrate Valentine's for not the culture of the West that we're following but the good things that it brings to a relationship.

To the love of my life, thank you for everything that you've done, the sacrifices you've made and the endless and undivided love you've given.

I LOVE YOU. Thanks sayang for the lovely flowers. Muahs!

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