Return to Janda Baik - Che Ani's Wedding

We were at Janda Baik last weekend for my Niece's wedding.

The Groom and The Bride

The bride, Sharifah Fatimah Az-Zahra or known as Che Ani to us and the groom, Syed Harris Irsyad were celebrated in a day long Garden Concept wedding at Pak Habib's Taman Hana Wadi Hussein in Janda Baik. Che Ani is my cousin, Kak Ana's (Ummi Hana) and Abg Habib (Pak Habib @ Syed Hussein Al-Attas) daughter. This was a chance for us to meet close and distant family members to what may not be a frequent event at all. KN was busy taking photos of the surrounding while I was busy catching up with family members whom a couple I haven't met for about 20 years.

The place (Taman Hana Wadi Hussein) has tremendously changed since the last time we were here a year ago for Che Ani's engagement. The new house is now erected and there are a few more small sized houses/chalets built for family and friends.

Laksa Johor

Laksa Johore was among the Traditional Johor dishes served at the wedding. Other dishes include the Janda Baik Cendol, Laksa Asam Penang and rice. Ghazal was played throughout the ceremony and guests were allowed to picnic and swim in the ever tempting sungai within the compound of Taman Hana Wadi Hussein.

The bride stylishly arrived in a helicopter and later took off in the same helly with her groom for a spin after the 'Makan Beradab' session.

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Kembara Musafir said...

fuyoooo....!! so glamer one, naik heli....!! kenduri kat tepi sungai....!! awat tak ajak kita pegi skali...? hmmm.... nak gak gi tengok... hampeh sungguh la hang nih...!! hehehe....

Syahr-El said...

kui kui kui.... mmg best kalu dapat berendam dalam sungai tuh...

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