Since I was not able to get myself a DSLR for my birthday and since the trip to Jogja is coming up real soon, I am desperate for a camera. Even though my N95 could give me good quality photos but I would like a real camera (preferably a DSLR) to capture clear, memorable images but decided to get a digital camera to replace our old Swivel Nikon that we bought 4 years ago.

So we went to Ampang park and looked for the best bargain. The initial intention was just to recce the place for the best bargain and decide later, perhaps come back some other day to purchase it but guess we couldn't wait a day longer and purchased the camera on that same day from the first shop we visited.

It was indeed a good bargain, we bought a Kodak 7.0 High Definition Digital Camera with 3x optical zoom, image stabilizer and 2GB memory card, plus some other exciting gifts. All for RM660. having tried the camera for more than a week now, yes I personally like it and good enough for the time being until I can afford a DSLR. Coming soon!

Here are two photo of the Kodak High Definition digital camera.

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