Buka Puasa @ Rahsia Bistro

Crappy! I don't know why the place was fully booked last week - I don't know why people even bother to go there. Ambiance wise, I could give a 6 - ok la dining in the outdoors (because I asked for a smoking seating) with crickets and frogs croaking, it makes the place rather fun and I was looking forward to the food - yes we arrived early, just hoping for something special for a pre anniversary dinner (yes it's our 5th anniversary today) but indeed we felt cheated, i'll tell you why.

For a RM38 nett per person we expected something better than @ Hillside Restaurant Bukit Antarabangsa. Hillside was 100% better for only RM29+ per person; barbecue, better choices of food and definitely didn't make us feel robbed. A place with such reputation as Rahsia Bistro, they food was really a disappointment; 2 choices of rice, some veges and i think 4 chicken dishes, a plate of wanton and a puny choice of desserts - and guess what coffee was not included in the buffet but the Bangla waiter asked us "Coffee or Tea, Sir" instead of "Would you like to order Coffee or Tea, Sir" of course the latter would have indicated that we have to pay for the RM6 per cup coffee and the former would mean it's inclusive in the buffet price - and yes, when we got the bill, a stunning RM12 for the tasteless coffee (Kluang Station Coffee tastes so much better)

For us, that was the first and the last we're there. Tonight it's Anniversary dinner at HRC.

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