Buka Puasa @ the Office on the Rooftop

Today the office organised a buka puasa treat for all her staff. It was held on the rooftop@balcony of the office with breathtaking view of Kuala Lumpur skyline. My office occupies 3 out of 4 blocks in this vicinity. This also means that my other half will have to breakfast alone on this second last day of Ramadhan - sorry dear (but I heard you makan McD - tak achi betul since the food served at the buka puas sucks)

Yes, the food sucks real big time. There was rice with 3 lauk, 2 savory items and rojak buah plus cold and hot drinks also some kueh. All these for RM30 per head I heard, luckily we didn't have to pay. Whatever it is, thank you to the Blood Sucking Sicko Company for the breaking of fast treat, the baju raya as well as the duit raya, even though it was n0t as much as the last two years. At least it is an effort to make the employees feel appreciated.

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