Sheila Majid's Secretary's Week Luncheon

A mother of three, yet so beautiful! Petit but so powerful - that's my Sheila Majid.

Yup, ponteng kerja just to see this beautiful lady's performance (Hahaha and Quality Hotel's big boss's daughter pun ponteng sekolah to see her, hehehe) . Well, I've never missed her local shows (so far), i'll do whatever i have to, to be with her other loyal fans cherishing her and encouraging her to keep singing!

Sheila, of course sang very well but the crowd was rather dissapointing, maybe because the fans segan silu with their bosses around or maybe it was the atmosphere (well, ini bukan her show at Dewan Phillharmonic Petronas a few years back, tapi kat DPP dulu tu understood ler, because Tun Dr. Mahathir and former Queen Aisyah was there, and the formality of that place, kinda expected). But even @ the Ku Mohon Concert, former Queen Aisyah was also present but the fans were cooperative and WE had fun!)

Apart from wanting to watch Sheila, today is to also celebrate my love's Birthday. Happy Birthday sayang... kira ni birthday present dia la... Hope you like it my darling.

Well, i suppose it was the seating at @ Sogo Conference hall tu...hahaha kalau tak i bet some of us... or at least I, will stand up and boogie! Ekekekek that's what i like about Sheila's fans, they're as cool and as fun as the singer herself...

Ala... that reminds me of Sheils's RTM Zoom In photos... belum update. Will do tapi masa tu hahah tak dapat jumpa Sheila pun... but met with Acis, Dayang Nurfaizah etc.. etc... nanti ek!

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