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We have been wanting to try the Nasi Daun Pisang @ Kanna Curry House's branch in Bandar Sri Menjalara in Kepong. Not that the taste would be different but this place is nearer to our home as compared to the one in PJ. Like its PJ branch, the Menjalara branch too occupies 2 shop lots at Wisma Menjalara.

A Cucumber Vege Dish with Indian Chicken Rendang

Food wise - Both branches serve equally good and very delicious Banana Leaf Rice.

Kangkung (I think... hehehe)

Service wise - I think the one at PJ has better and faster service. Here, we had to wait for nearly 10 minutes before one very friendly waiter came to take our order even though the place was quite empty as it was not peak hour. The portion here too is smaller compared to in PJ where they'll just put in everything on your banana leaf until you tell them to stop.

Verdict: I prefer the PJ branch especially for their 'bawah pokok' eating place - a nice atmosphere for eating banana leaf rice definitely. However, we'll surely come back to Menjalara for convenience sake.

Putu Mayam


Apart from Nasi Daun Pisang we had curry puff (real tasty!), putu mayam and vadeh - Curry puffa nd vadeh were served hot - delicious!

For the record -Kanna Curry House PJ

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