Gatai Puki

I am feeling damn angry this morning - over a very small issue. However small the issue is - the impact is big. This is something the Dr Kurang Hajar from the client side wanted in the first batch. And now in the final batch, it is realised that somehow this thing she wanted was wrong from the beginning - bitch! and this is not the first one!

First was the word 'Communications' in the title - i had made it (I and 'Communications' T) and the client had changed them to (I and 'Communication' T) - that was in the first batch and now they wanted it to be back to 'Communications' pulak - itu gatal puki ke gatal apa tu namanya?

Second issue is the word 'email' - in batch one Dr Kurang Hajar wanted it to be spelled 'email' - penat la sume orang tukar balik from 'e-mail' to 'email'. Now in batch 3 they wanted it to be back to e-mail when i've already asked the guys (in my review) to correct from 'e-mail' to 'email' - yang kene maki aku jugak nanti.. these guys doesn't know who exactly wanted the change, just because the review came from me, aku jugak la jadik the black sheep.

Macamana la our education system nak maju, the policy makers, the syllabus writers pun tak tau apa yang dorang nak *harap2 tak kene ISA ler cakap mcm ni* but this is the bloody truth. Just imagine the ketua konten of that particular subject, dah la takde qualifications in IT, ada doctorate in TESL (tu pun English macam babi, cakap terketar-ketar macam orang tak pernah belajar omputih, tulis in English pun banyak visible grammatical and word choice errors) - ketua konten yang tak tau apa haprak konten nye... yang dia tau meeting sana, meeting sini mengabiskan duit cukai yang orang2 cam aku ni bayar.

Buat keje macam nak mencekik darah - nak duit extra, kalau tak bagi tak siap - but what to do, they're the clients - clients are always right. Are our public servants corrupted? YES definitely YES and these are the people in control. Bukan setakat issue2 yang aku sebut dalam ni je la but also alot of other things - about payments dah sejak bulan 7 submit invoice, sampai la ni tak release payment (dengar2 ada orang peram dalam laci dia sampai lepas raya - boleh ke?) yang merana people at the end of the rope la... keje dah buat, payment tak dapat. Silap2 gantung diri beb!

Babi!!! Filthy Pigs!!!

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